Thursday, May 14, 2009

Power Source Theory

Just a quick post today, next time there will be more Divine Bard!

I have a theory, and to some extent it is based on a mix of 3.x and 4e D&D. Basically its that the Power Sources can be grouped into three different types: Given, Taken, and Self.

Given sources include Divine and Primal, and are granted to them by some other source such as a deity or nature.

Taken sources include Arcane, and are taken from their prospective planes, the universe itself, the mana flow, etc. without any being's consent.

Self sources include Martial and Psionic, and are from within the user, built up from training the body, mind and spirit.

I hope to add the future power sources to this list, Though I assume that Elemental will be a 'taken' and shadow may be a 'taken' or a 'self'.

Does that sound about right? Comment and put in your opinion. I dare ya!


TKXapathy said...

Interesting, I would love to see new powers and spells from different power sources!

I like the idea of the divine bard and would really want to see a divine warlock, I'm trying to make a pact for warlocks to be linked more directly to the gods themselves like giving them divine powers.

Hope you succeed!

Questing GM said... interesting categorization.

However some classes may seem to have their power sources based on different categories.

For example, sorcerers sound more like self since it's in their blood rather than drawing from magical energies outside them.

A warlock on the other hand, is more like given by their pacts.

I think there could be potential with this.

MacGuffin said...

@TKXapathy- I'm doing the divine bard as the first of several I plan to do. Divine warlock is on the list.

@Questing GM- well, I was just thinking in general... I suppose there are some that go against the rule. I'd say that sorcerer has an innate connection to the magic in their blood, though I can't argue against the warlock having pacts. (though fey pact could be considered primal, and infernal, star, and vestige pacts could be divine in a sense... I got nothing for dark pact.)

But I also have a graphic I should add to this... make things a little more interesting...

jatori said...

Something I've thought about once or twice, but never categorized. A thought provoking approach.

There seems to be a fine line between given and taken. I'd say sorcerers are just given their powers in a very personal way.