Tuesday, May 12, 2009

APSC: 4e Divine Bard Fluff and Stuff

Warning: Rant ahead! if you are just here for the Divine bard fluff then scroll down until you see the word "Fluff" in bold letters.

For some reason, people seem to have trouble understanding the concept of this project: To alter existing classes to have different power sources. Hoping to achieve this by first adjusting the mechanics to change the way the class feels when played to match the new power source, then to add some fluff to fill in the gaps.

Maybe I should have done the fluff first, but the change of mechanics is mostly to support the fluff.

I started divine bard is because it is what inspired the project in the first place (if you look at this post there should be a link to The Hypertext d20 SRD, on that page is rules for the 3.x divine bard.), thought keep in mind that the project in question is bigger than just the bard.

If that is not the answer you are looking for: its just something interesting to do, give people more options.

Another Thing that is common among commenters is suggesting that I change the class' name to something else. trying to keep it still a bard, he casts magic through his music, just has a different power backing it. Ok?

What I am trying to get across: Still a bard! Just, not an arcane bard!


Divine bard:
Any decent bard can move someone's emotions, but to truly move someone's soul, bring them to a state of euphoria or send them to the depths of deepest depression, they need that divine touch.

Whether by gaining your god's favor by prayer and devotion, trading your soul for the musical ability, or simply being picked out by your god, you were blessed with the ability to make music that truly touches people's souls, and even command the power of your god. Through hymns and songs of worship, you not only inspire belief in your god, but channel his power to attack your enemies.

The three methods of becoming a divine bard

The hard way: By prayer, worship, study, and devotion, you have gotten your god's attention and he finds you favorable to lead his worshipers. You joyfully spread the word of your god in your songs, and pull in new followers without the slightest effort.

The easy way: By dark rituals you have called a dark, evil god and traded your very soul to perform like no other, yet your music carries a silent taint of evil that few can sense. Your music is empty and joyless to you, and after a while you see it begin to spread evil ideas among listeners, as the dark god works through your instrument.

The random way: A god decides that you are the ideal candidate to become his musical champion, whether you want the gift or not. Your songs carry the god's message, even if the song is about a different subject, it can be as much a curse as a blessing if the god is not your favorite.

Of course, these are not the only methods, feel free to create your own. Nothing in D&D is set in stone, it is changeable.

Its not a lot, but what do you think of the fluff? one more post about the Divine Bard, then I'll see what to work on next.


Erik Billeci said...

Good stuff. I like it, and it will be interesting to have you play as it. However, I might make it a requirement that you sing every once in a while. We will see how that goes.

MacGuffin said...

Yeah, that's gonna turn out well...

"Bluff, Bluff, Bluff, Bluff the Stupid Ogre!"

shinobicow said...

i kind of see this character as like a drunken version of friar tuck singing holy drinking songs and playing a tamberine... could be pretty fun to play in all honesty :)

TKXapathy said...

What about putting some feats based on how a person becomes a divine bard, for example, the dark rituals might infuse the character with the power of dark song and his intimidation and bluff skills are increased by 2 whenever he uses an encounter power or maybe a daily.

MacGuffin said...

@Shinobicow nice, definitely a fun character idea. :D

@TKXapathy- hmm.. the ritual might be something to try, but it wouldn't really get a ton of use...

And it just occurred to me: make a new virtue for the Divine bard. HOW could I not have thought of that before? >.<

Jennifer L. Post said...

Erik that's a brilliant idea! I wanna see him sing too... hehe ^-^

Also looking forward to seeing how the fluff you picked works out with your roleplaying... *is all about fluff*

MacGuffin said...

@Jennifer- Don't encourage him! As to my roleplaying, you will just have to wait...