Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ideamancy: Create but not control...

It is entirely possible that I have an overactive imagination. I come up with new ideas all the time, so many that I can't seem to work on all of them. but because I like to talk about them, here are some new ones:

Dokapon Table-top RPG
First- a little back story. It started when one of my favorite webcomics did a comic of a game I had never heard of before, Dokapon Kingdom. (and they also did a second comic) I looked the game up, and it seemed pretty interesting, a RPG mixed with a board game. The way the battles are played would work well with a D&D 4e core, as there are few attacks that you can do (you can have three at a time- attack, strike, and whatever magic you have at the time) and it could be quite interesting.
The reason I came up with this is that there is a DS game along the same lines called Dokapon Journey that I just found out about. Seriously, go check this game out, it is awesome.

Arcane Costs
The second idea is a group of possible class feature replacements for arcane characters (only 4e at this point) that gives the character a bonus and a penalty. The basic premise is that the character gave something up for his vast arcane powers, an eye or two, your constitution, etc.

possible costs:
Eye: - 5 perception, bonus to hit?
Both eyes: 1/2 arcana skill + 1/2 Lvl for perception checks, gain magic vision?
Health: Con score can be lower than 8, extra points gained this way go into main ability score.

these are just ideas at this stage, not in any way ready to be used.

Yet another setting: City of Chroma (tentative title)
A smaller than usual setting for me, only a city, but I think it is interesting. A city full of factions, each with their own distinguishing color. At this point, it seems that the faction is nothing more than what their belief system is, but somehow these people are connected.

White- The ruling faction, militaristic and order-centric verging on oppressive. Solders look kinda like Organization XIII members, but in white and with plate armor.

Red- Doesn't care who is in charge, will help anyone from another faction as long as they are not likely to be caught.

Blue- Doesn't care who s in charge as long as it does not inconvenience them.

Yellow- Doesn't care who is in charge, but will help whoever seems to be winning.

Brown- Lower class, taught to believe they have no influence, so they don't realize the power in their numbers.

Black- Rebels against the white faction, most hide amongst the other factions. Lead by the "Black Knight" who wears the same armor as the white soldiers, but black. There are actually several black knights, but few know this.

Well, that's what I'm coming up with lately, what do you think? If this post affects you in no other way, go look at Dokapon Kingdom. It's a lot of fun to play with friends.

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Erik Billeci said...

Dokapon Kingdom is amazingly fun. I like the idea of the tabletop game. Since it's combat is nothing but a glorified rock paper scissors, it'd be great for kids.

Giving up stuff to get stuff is interesting. I liked the "giving up my eyes will get me magic eyes" but as you already know, this sort of system needs balance and that may just be the hardest part.

The city idea would be more interesting if developed more. I like the setting, but it feels like you have only scratched the surface there. Keep running with it and throw it a few lefts (when it is expecting a right) to get it to stand out a bit more.