Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last Chance to Suggest Next APSC and a Bit More Divine Bard

First of all, some shout outs:
Thanks to Berin Kinsman (of and the Phoenix RPG Examiner) and Oddyesy (of How to Start a Revolution in 21 Days or Less) for posting about the APSC project on their sites.

Thanks to Greywulf (of Greywulf's Lair) made an awesome picture for my divine bard (and for putting up with me while we got it perfect):

(click for larger image)

Second, some changes to the character sheet I made. The updated version includes more things that I missed the first time and the additions from the previous bard post. Hopefully I got everything this time.

(Click for larger images)

And lastly, here is the last call for requests for the next alternate power source class. Once I get enough suggestions, I'll put up a poll to see what the most people want.
I think I know what I am going to do next, but if it seems like a lot of people want something else, I might go with that.

Current requests:
Arcane Paladin
Primal/Divine Warlock
Primal Ranger
Martial Barbarian
Primal Swordmage

Feel free to post your requests for the next APSC!

Actually, I DEMAND IT.


TKXapathy said...

Arcane Druid! I would love to see a druid that channels his power from the vast arcane. (If this happens, the part i will look at first would be the wild shape, would it makes some kind of essence of magic?)

Here's my request!

MacGuffin said...

as interesting as that would be, It is a little hard to explain in terms of fluff. Druids are really deeply intertwined with the primal power source, but I'll see what I can do.

shinobicow said...

Hmmm... the APSC is hard thing for me to wrap my head around. I like what you did with the divine bard. The thing is a lot of the other ideas that you have for the next one all seem to have alternates which seem to match up.

The Arcane Paladin seems to me a lot like a swordmage if you don't want to mess with its combat role.

The Primal Warlock seems to me to be a lot like a striker shaman, which seems really cool. A divine warlock just seems like an avenger with range.

The martial barbarian seems like a bit too easy of a choice to be honest. That one doesn't seem like it would be too hard, mostly since previous editions of the barbarian played out to be way more like a fighter than a primal warrior.

But, i guess it all comes down to you. Once again, i like what you did with the divine bard. Maybe you should play around with the bard some more and do a primal version or a martial version, either of which i think would be cool since the Bard is really the biggest virtuoso out there and likes to jump around in power sources throughout the different editions and based on what powers he's using.

Keep up the good work.

MacGuffin said...

ok, lets go through these one at a time.

Arcane paladin- This would have the same problem as if I tried to make an arcane fighter: A heavily armored chap who channels magic through his weapon. Yes, it sounds familiar. Just because they are similar in fluff, they will still play differently. a fighter will have his weapon talent, a paladin will have his Arcane Challenge, a considerably reflavored lay on hands, and have his channel divinities compressed into just arcane strength, which will all be different from the Swordmage's Aegis.

well, if I did all the mentioned classes this way it'd be another post...


>: )

I guess I have my next post topic then! Mind if I use your comment in my next post, shinobicow?

And I am still open to any other requests as well as other questions/comments.

shinobicow said...

O please, by all means. Use me :)

I agree with you on what you posted i think. Looking forward to what you come up with regardless though.

Good luck!

TKXapathy said...

Arcane Druid could be a somewhat naturalist in a different way, like they channel from the arcane storm that formed the cosmos. In recent times, wizards have tried to tame the storm and sorcerers have twisted it into a weapon and the druids are the naturalists that try to preserve what once was, the natural order of things.

MacGuffin said...

@shinobicow- thanks! expect the new post Tuesday!

@TKXapathy- an arcane preserver does sounds interesting... I'll add it to the list, but the druid, the wizard, and the cleric are kinda the main examples of their power source.

Though I am getting some ideas for it now, a whip of arcane energy instead of thorn whip, maybe change into a magic/elemental creature for wild shape?