Sunday, October 26, 2008

D&D session 3

Finally I got the group together (and by group i mean two players, the regulars) for another session of D&D, hard to believe its only the third session... but basically we decided that we would go on without the rest of the group. Now it has been a week and the session is not quite fresh in my memory, but its was a short session, so lets go!

When we last left our heroes, they had just returned to town after saving a farm that got attacked by kobolds coincidentally while they were there. As they were leaving town, a halfling came up to them, he introduced himself as Marric Flatley. He then proceeded to explain to them that the lord of the town sent him to help the group find the kobold cave. So then the group, with their new help, left to take down the kobolds.

Marric "Lord of the Dance" Flatley was a last minute addition to the game, and I pretty much just named him during the game. I came up with Marric and Kami suggested Flatley after Michael flatly, the lord of the dance, I am lead to believe. I didn't want the group to be too weak against the monsters.

While traveling along the path, the group was ambushed by kobolds! They Defeated the kobolds!

I know it says its been a week up there, but I didn't finish it then, and now its been two or three weeks and I don't actually remember anything that happened in that fight... I think that's all that happened that session...

new Dungeons and Dragons session!

We finally had another D&D session, now I just need to remember what happened and post it!

I also had some other idea, and then promptly forgot what it-
A role playing card game! A RPCG!

You collect cards and then you make characters with them! I have not worked out the details, but that's my idea. Maybe you get cards of races, classes, and abilities... and then you use those to build your character!

Oh, and I am also working on making a 4e adaptation for my fantasy setting...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

D&D- more missed sessions...

Well, it seems that every time that we are all supposed to get together, people either don't show or are sick, or something else. As it is, I may just stop trying to get everyone together and give up on the game. Maybe I'll have someone else DM.

ren faire!

There's nothing like a renaissance faire!

The food!

The entertainment!

The sharp things!

And of course, I am nerdy enough that I dressed up for it! So me (peasant), the pirate captain, his wench, and a fair maiden spent our Saturday down at the park. To be honest, I was a little disappointed by the lack of stores selling sharp things, but the whole event seemed smaller than in previous years. Though it was still enjoyed by all, and the fair maiden even got some archery practice in.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Fantastic Contraption

The Fantastic Contraption is a flash game where you build things to try to get a certain block to a certain area. Its funner than I describe it.

anyway, here are some of the ones that I have made (and in some cases was surprised it worked!

One, I did not think this would work.
Two, does a flip XD
Three, the whole level seemed like it was not possible!

yeah, its a fun time waster, but I cant play, I have work to do!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Its not Lupus

Ok, now imagine a murder mystery with Dr. House as one of the characters. The murderer, it is quite obvious, is a man named Lupus, but House refuses to believe that it's Lupus. One by one, the various characters get killed in gruesome ways and eventually it is down to House and Lupus, causing House to come to this conclusion: If its not Lupus, then he, himself, must be the murderer.

That or House would tell him that his name is not Lupus.

Now imagine what kind of ideas I would come up with if I did drugs.

Oh, and that reminds me of something I wanted to try: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Starwars, Startrek, Heroes... Ok I cant think of any more, now lets see if I get some traffic... Heh heh heh...