Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Time Traveler's Daughter

Sorry its been a while since I posted anything, been kinda busy. But, I suppose it is ok, since nobody actually reads this. 

I wouldn't normally talk about my personal life on this blog, but i'll let it slide since its what inspired my new idea: I got a girlfriend. Now, now, before you start jumping to conclusions about what the new idea is, its not THAT. Now that that is settled, heres the idea: her father is a time traveler.

I saw a picture of her father, and he looks exactly like one of my old room mates. Coincidence?

That is exactly the sort of thing that we would discuss while we lived together, although he claimed that he would grow up to be Captain Bosh from Final fantasy 12. As scary as the concept of him reproducing is, I have got an amazing girlfriend out of it, so who am I to complain?

Friday, January 2, 2009

writing- character ideas

One of the things i find i am good at, when it comes to writing is characters. For my fantasy setting, which in itself already has several sub settings due to different time periods (but I'll get into that later), I have several groups of characters. The original group, who I don't actually know if I will use, the comedic group, lead by a drunken wizard's familiar unknown to anyone in the group (a great story that I need to write), and the newest group, where most of the characters were created from inspiration from a list of character flaws.

This post is about the newest group of characters. Who I recently decided that will be a second generation of adventurers.

The first (aka main) character is Val, a male elf who looks so feminine that just about everyone thinks he is actually a female, and is difficult to convince them to believe otherwise. This was not inspired from the list, but by another character that was. His name is actually Valentine, but because of how he looks, and the fact that he hates his name, everyone calls him Val. He tends to have a very negative outlook on life, mostly because of his looks, and secondly because of his bright and cheery mother and younger sister. Fellow male elves tend to find him attractive, causing him to react violently, though it takes a lot for him to react with anything beyond threats. Ranged weapon specialist, especially knives, which he learned from his mother, who was a part of the first generation group.

The second, who caused the inspiration for Val, is Wren. Part halfling, part cat, due to her druid grandfather's tendency to prefer his cat form, and even start a family of cats, wren is the only one able to change to a humanoid form, but most of them are more than average house cats. Due to her unusual upbringing, Wren tends to withdraw from social interaction, and avoids men when ever possible, causing her only male companion to be Val, who Wren believes to be female. She wears a knit cap made to look like it has cat ears, when in fact it allows her to be around other people without them realizing that she has cat ears. She learned the ways of druid magic from her grandfather and transforms into her cat forms at will: a normal house cat form, and a larger battle cat form her grandfather was famous for. Avoids dwarves altogether- can't tell which are males or females.

Next is the character that brings them together- the great wizard Eberhard. Eberhard, or Ebby for short (much to his dismay), was a part of the first generation group. When he was young his parents did illegal magical experiments on him, causing him to be blind but able to see magic, making him see a distorted version of the world. Among the other experiments performed on him, was one that bound a ghost to him, which he befriended and acts as a guide and friend. He discovered that the threat that he and his fellow heroes took care of long ago is.. um.. threatening again, yet somehow differently, so he is gathering a group to once again save the world. Unfortunately, most of the group has retired from hero work and he must enlist their children.

Thats all for now, more to come.