Thursday, May 28, 2009

How To Go Over 200 MPH in 4e

I was bored the other day, I decided that I would make a character as fast as possible.

And dag, did I do it.

I start with the razorclaw shifter's base speed 6, made him a druid with the primal predator class feature, and went from there. I adjusted the character's stats to best work with the choices below, which gave me 18 dex (it wouldn't let me go any higher legally) and the rest didn't matter.

razorclaw shifter speed: 6
Druid primal predator class feature: +1 speed

Bloodied fleetness: +1 speed while bloodied
Student of the plague (flame speed): +2 speed until end of next turn while running.
Fast runner: +2 speed while running
One of the speed feats (Hunting wolf form, fleet footed or both vampiric heritage and vampire alacrity): +1 speed


Razorclaw shifer racial power, Razorclaw shifting
Lvl 2 Utility Fleet pursuit
Lvl 22 Utility Sky talon
Lvl 29 daily attack Primal Archetype

Paragon path
Sky hunter- lvl 11 encounter attack blinding talons, Skyhunter's action.

Epic destiny
Prison of the winds- +2 speed bonus

The Deluvian Hourglass- Time stop (lvl 22 wizard utility) get two standard actions from a minor.
Fleetrunner boots (epic tier)- when running, move +6 more than your speed, rather than +2.
Clockwork cowl (epic tier)- get two standard actions from a minor.
Fleet hero tattoo (epic tier) +3 bonus to speed until end of next turn when using action point.
Star opal ring (epic tier) +1 speed
Timeless tome + 6- time stop adds 3 standard actions instead of two.
Dagger- everyone knows you run faster with a knife out.

The base speed:
Race: 6
Class feature: +1
Speed feat: +1
Epic destiny: +2
Star Opal ring: +1
Fleet hero Tattoo: +3

Total base speed: 14 squares

Step one: get beaten half to death.
Bloodied fleetness: +1

Current total: 15 squares

Step two: during this encounter
Razorclaw Shifting- +2 speed until end of encounter
Fleet pursuit- until end of encounter, speed bonus equal to dex mod (+ 10 at 30th level)while in beast form.
Sky talon- until end of encounter, gain for that flies at your speed + 2.
Primal Archetype- until end of encounter, gain a +4 speed bonus while in beast form.

Current total: 33 squares

Step three: previous turn
Flamespeed: +1 speed, +2 while running until end of next turn.

Current total: 34 squares

Step four: Action point
Action point- extra action
Skyhunter's action- fly up to your speed before using action gained from action point. (move 34 squares)
Extra action blinding talons- move twice your speed, then attack. (move 68)

Total squares traveled: 102 squares

Step five: Run, don't walk
Running (with fleetrunner boots)- +6 squares
Fast Runner feat- +2 squares while running
Slame speed- extra +1 while running

Running speet total: 43

Step six: Items
The Deluvian hourglass (with Timeless tome +6)- use minor action to gain 3 standard actions.
Clockwork Cowl- Use minor (a Move in this case) action to gain 2 standard actions.

Actions total: 0 Minor actions, 0 Move actions, 6 Standard actions

Step Seven: Move it, move it.
Use 6 Standard actions as move actions (43 squares each, 43 * 6 = 258 squares)

Total squares traveled: 360

Step Eight: Calculate
360 squares * 5 ft/square = 1800 ft
1800 ft/6 seconds * 10 seconds = 18000 ft/minute
18000 ft/minute * 60 minutes = 1080000 ft/hour
1080000 ft/hour / 5280 ft/mi = 204.54545454... Mi/hour

If you can't read that, it says that he is moving at 204.5 miles per hour. 1800 feet in six seconds. I even calculated how fast you could go if you ran for a minute, it averages out to almost 60 mph.

Before you ask what the purpose of doing this is, its a mechanics experiment. When I started I was surprised to get as high as 70MPH.
So, other than that, what do you think? Did I miss anything? Can you do better? How?


Saragon said...

Delightful ;)

Questing GM said...

Lol. Reminds me of the Peasant Railgun.

greywulf said...

Nope. Can't top that! :D

Provided all the bonuses stack correctly your math looks spot on too.


Mike Leger said...

haha love it, pretty funny.
though i would question if everything can stack the way you think it can. isn't there something about no stacking feat/item bonuses

Mike Mearls said...

That is hilarious!

MacGuffin said...

Glad you guys like it!

@Questing GM- at some level, I think that inspired this. :D

@Greywulf and Mike Leger- I was careful to make sure nothing overlapped, I'm fairly sure they all stack.

@Mike Mearls and Saragon- Good! That's what I was going for!

Scott said...

Funny, but not so extraordinary, considering the druid's in avian form at the time.

Peregrine falcons have been clocked at over 175 miles per hour during a dive.

Anonymous said...

Multiclass Monk for access to more speed feat(s?) and cool time paragon paths? not sure, but i like the idea alot!