Monday, May 18, 2009

APSC: Ideas and Whats Next?

Well, I'd at least like to think that the posts about the divine bard are the cause for my sudden increase in visitors, and because of that I will definitely continue with the project. The only question is: whats next?

There are currently four power sources, and 17 classes in 4e (19 if you count playtest classes) and though not all combos make sense, there are still a lot of possibilities.

Here are some of the ideas that I like:
Divine: Bard (already done), Warlock, Druid, Sorcerer (as favored soul?), Swordmage
Martial: Monk, Barbarian
Primal: Warlock, Any divine class, Ranger, Bard, Swordmage
Arcane: Paladin, Ranger, Avenger, Invoker, Shaman

you may notice that I have no martial classes in that list other than the ranger, they might be possible to alter, but It would be quite difficult and I would like to put that off until I have more experience on this project.

To be honest, I am really happy with how the divine bard has turned out and I will be sure to post my playtest results when I finally get a chance to use it. Some people had trouble understanding WHY I was doing it, but I did get some support as well. I am still open to getting feedback on the mechanical changes and the fluff I wrote, and now I want you to tell me what you think would be good for the next focus of the project.

Do you like one of the ideas above? Do you think another one would be better? Convince me, and I might just do the one you want next!


Erik Billeci said...

I like the idea of the Arcane Paladin the best (although I am a bit biased). I think it will be interesting to see how you distinguish it from a spellsword (battle mage).

MacGuffin said...

I think you mean swordmage, and yes, it would be a challenge. Ideally, the next class I work on won't be a defender yet...

But thanks for replying!

TKXapathy said...

Interesting, Martial classes could fit in too, like Warlords can be Divine or Arcane, using magic to bolster their powers, Rogues can be Arcane (like an Arcane Trickster) and the fighter could be... well, I'll leave you to come up with the ideas.

I would really want to see a Primal Warlock or Primal Swordmage, I am a Tree-Hugger! :)

Oddysey said...

Divine Warlock! It'd open up a lot of really interesting roleplaying opportunities, I think, especially if you went all the way and gave each deity a separate pact. (Though that could entail quite a bit of work.)

MacGuffin said...

@tkxApathy- martial classes would fit, but they would need many adjustments to give them magical ranged attacks... I think... I'll start on those later...

@Oddesy- warlock would range from being a fairly simple one to change to incredibly complicated, I may do a simple version and then revisit it later, as giving each deity would take a while... maybe just a pack boon?

Oddysey said...

Pact boon's a good option, especially since you've got so many other projects to work on. If you do decide later to go all out and make paths for individual deities (maybe just the one's that feature in your campaign, perhaps) you could get a pretty long way by matching, mixing, and reflavoring other Warlock powers.