Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thanks a lot, Wizards of the Coast!

After I made sure to buy the module of "Keep on the Shadowfel," WotC releases it for free.


I PAID for it and now they are giving it away!

And some people say it's to get 'good will' after the recent 'scandal,' but no, WotC hates me, apparently.

So everyone, go download it. EVERYONE! Crash their servers with all your downloads!


Ok, seriously now, its cool that they are releasing it to try to make up for what they did, but it kinda invalidates it for people who paid money for it. Luckily, I got a hard copy, I can't imagine how those who got a digital copy must feel. Probably something like the rambling above.

First they make it so they can't download the things they paid for, then they give them away for free to everyone.

Way to go, Wotc, way to go.


Bonemaster said...

Color me confused. As a disclaimer, I haven't been following 4ed. This sort of seems odd. They claim no PDF for pirating reasons then they make a former PAY product, FREE to download?

I'm sure your right, it is an attempt to calm the masses. "Give the peasants stale bread and they will stop revolting, Sire".

anonynos said...

On a slightly lees "OMG everything they do is a conspiracy and EVIL" note...

KotS is their "intro" adventure. They released it early and it has their quick start rules etc inside it. They are releasing it as a way to provide free intro/demo to folk who might want to try the game. I bought it in hard copy back before 4e officially released, and personally, I think it's a good move on their part. Every game needs something to test the waters with.

Sal M said...

Also keep in mind that this includes the level 1-3 Character Builder. This is effectively a 4e version of the Red Box.