Monday, April 13, 2009

Poll: Decide Next Post Series on Ideamancer!

You may have noticed on the right side of this site that there is a poll. In this poll are several ideas for new series of posts that I would like to write, but don't have the time to write all of them. I created the poll to see what you people think would be the most interesting, and am writing this post to attract your attention to it and to explain what I have in mind for them.

Alternate power sources for classes
The basic premise: I will try to break down what each class of a certain power source has in common, and adjust a class of another power source to fit.

Crunch heavy, Fluff moderate, only really applicable to 4e.

Recurring Villains
The basic premise: I will come up with villains that can be thrown into any campaign, either as a henchman, general annoyance to the players, or even the main villain. I'll have several versions of them at different levels, so that your players can have a familiar face to thrash every so often.

Crunch heavy, Fluff heavy, Adaptable to any system if you want to just use the fluff (or genre if you tweak them enough)

More 'Optimized' characters
The basic premise: Along the lines of the "shifty shifter" and the damage focused bugbear I posted, but more often and possibly with some personality. I'll focus on certain game mechanics or concepts and create a character around that idea.

Crunch heavy, Fluff very light to moderate, probably not applicable to anything other than 4e

Something Else
The basic premise: No idea. Setting ideas, character concepts, reader suggestions, anything that I may have mentioned writing about but forgot.

Now, vote on the poll!

If you have an idea/question/comment for one of the above mentioned series, or another one that you think I might want to write or might actually get readers with, please write me a comment here.

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Viriatha said...

I'd love to see a series on villains with personalities. I think that would be great. The something else works for me, too. The rest sounds pretty system specific.