Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Religions of Avion 101

Ok, Today was supposed to be the half-breed races of Avion, but due to some procrastination, I don't have enough time to finish it well enough that I would be happy with the result when it is time to post. So, here are the basics of the religions of Avion, or at least what I have so far.

First of all, there is The Creator:
He is, as the name implies, the creator of the world. Nearly everyone believes in and/or worships The Creator, but through the ages, people have some different views of what The Creator desires them to do. Essentially, its the same as the splitting of the different denominations of the christian church. During the different ages, the different churches of The Creator rise and fall, so that no two ages have all of the same churches, and some may be strong or weak during different ages.

I intend to have the different churches be somewhat based on the 9 alignments, including some evil ones popping up occasionally. People believe what they want to believe. No matter the church a cleric belongs to, The Creator still grants them power, serving to confuse the religious leaders.

And just for the record, although I am the creator of this setting, that does not mean I am The Creator of the setting? got it? good.

Secondly there are the Aesir, named after the norse gods.
Think of the roman/greek gods, how they play with the fates of mortals and kinda soap opera-ish, the Aesir are kinda like that, but not as involved. And by involved, I mean none of them sleep with everything that moves. (I'm looking at you, Zeus) They were created by The Creator to watch over the worlds, each given a certian domain to control and keep in order.

Watching over the other Aesir, Xo was created to keep order among the Aesir and keep them from affecting the mortals beyond things that were afffected beyond their own domain. Unfortunately, Xo is the laziest of all the Aesir and really doesn't give a crap what the other Aesir do, and if The Creator returns, he plans to simply claim that the others were going behind his back. By the Second age, the other Aesir realized they could do whatever they wanted and not get in trouble. This leads to problems for the mortals. There are many Aesir, but only a few of them are well known to the mortal races.
Representing things of order: Kuro, Reht, Mien, Krant, Ordon, and Malo.
Representing neutral things: Lens, Sono, Kaza, Gainz, Pebin, Jepp, and Rilo.
Representing things of chaos: Anu, Iz, Zekk, Rone, Dyn, and Finn.

I have very little set in stone so far for the Aesir, and I plan to build on their stories as I go through the ages (which will be my task after I finish the races and then write about the classes). Clarics (and other Divine classes) can recieve their powers from an Aesir, depending on if their beleifs match that Aesir's. Here is a sample of my notes of some of the Aesir:
Kuro is basicly the angel of death, he fell in love with a mortal but once she died and he could no longer be with her, he went from being nice and friendly to being cold and scary to the souls he collects. Despite being of opposite alignments (law and chaos), or parhaps because of it, Kuro and Zekk (Aesir of weather) are best friends. Zekk has a crush on Rone (Aesir of Love, Chaos indeed)

It is still in development, but thats the basic idea of my religion ideas for Avion. Please leave a comment as to what you think of it.


Jim said...

The religions are looking good so far. Think outside of the box!

MacGuffin said...

Thanks! I did my best to not do D&D's usual swarm of gods, and I hope you will be interested in seeing how the Aesir and the churches of The Creator change over the ages.