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Races of Avion 3: Avion's visitors from Avito

Here are the races of Avito: Kobolds and the various races of beastfolk. The races are simple versions, being simply changes to existing races, and will be updated at some point as new, unique races.

The Kobolds are the ruling class of Avito, and within the kobold race there are three classes: Highborn, common, and lowborn. these classes do not interbreed, due to their cultural beliefs that they should be separate. They are easily distinguishable by their coloration, which is another way that they determine who they can choose as their mate, as they always choose one of their own color, with few exceptions (kobolds never breed outside their race). This practice has become so integrated into their culture for so long that they continue to do it because cross color kobolds are commonly sterile, stillborn, or even deformed.

Common Kobold
Scale color: Red to brown (commonly rusty colors, bronze, copper, brass, etc.), green

Rules: Same as MM Kobolds, except that skill bonuses are for endurance and acrobatics. Instead of trap sense racial trait, you get "hardy breed: you gain a +1 to fortitude defense".

Other: The working class. Red and brown kobolds, and every color in between, count as one color when it comes to their mating.

Highborn Kobold
Scale color: Silver, Black, and gold.

Rules: Highborn Kobolds use the same rules as the common kobolds, except instead of the shifty power, they have the dragonborn's Dragon Breath racial power and instead of the acrobatics skill bonus you get the diplomacy skill bonus.

Other: Highborn Kobolds are the ruling class of the ruling class, they are significantly smaller in number than the common class, but greater in power and respect.

Lowborn Kobolds
Scale color: White, gray, blue, and purple

Rules: varies,
white and gray have the same rules as highborn kobolds.

Blue kobolds have the same rules as the MM kobolds except you get the gnome's reactive stealth racial trait instead of trap sense and you get the gnome's fade away ability as a minor action (instead of a immediate reaction) instead of the shifty racial ability.

Purple kobolds have the same rules as common kobolds except they get darkvision, +2 wisdom instead of +2 constitution, insight and perception skill bonuses instead of endurance and acrobatics skill bonuses, and instead of the racial trait "hardy breed" you get "Purple kobold weapon proficiency: you gain proficiency with the war pick and light war pick" and "Bold: you gain a +5 racial bonus against fear".

Other: the smallest class (in terms of population) of the kobolds, each of these colors has its own story of why it is considered lowborn.

White kobolds were once highborn, but tried a coup to take over long ago, it was unsuccessful and most of the white kobolds were killed while those that remained lost all standing.

Grey kobolds are the last known color mix to bring about a new color, from the white (when they were still highborn) and black kobolds. When the white kobolds attempted their coup the gray kobolds, who had always been small in number, were accused of working with the whites due to their bloodline being close to them and lost status as well.

Purple kobolds are a mutated color of kobolds that mined deep into the planet and did not see daylight for over a thousand years, they are believed to be the furthest mutated color from the other kobolds. They are able to see in the dark and are wiser than other kobolds, but are not as hardy. Although underground there is a number of purple kobolds to rival that of the common kobolds, on the surface they are quite rare.

Blue kobolds are chameleons- able to change the color of their scales to match their surroundings. They are commonly used for spying, theft, and even assassination. Some of the blue kobolds more in control of their color changing abilities can make themselves look like other colored kobolds or even give themselves the look of a certain kobold, passing as them, though only people that know them well would not believe the disguise. Blue kobolds are commonly treated as highborn, as having one at least appear to be your ally can improve your standing, or a least worry your rivals/enemies. That and the chameleon abilities make a great party trick.


The kobolds may be the ruling class, but they are far from being the only inhabitants of Avito. The beastfolk are actually a grouping of several races, all humanoids with various levels of animal traits. They are basically sorted into three catagories: those who follow the kobold's rule, those who are members of an opposing empire, and those that simply wish to resist rule. the former are the playable races, and the others are their enemies. "good" beast folk types include cat, bear, wolf, dragon, bos, elephant, porcupine, bird, squirrel, and rabbit. "Evil" beastfolk include snake, frog/toad, lizard, and insect/bug.

hair: black, brown, white (regional) (or any real life bear color not mentioned)

skin: covered in fur.

rules: play as Bugbears from mm with the following changes: change +2 dex to +2 wis, change +2 Stealth to +2 Endurance

other: Looks very similar to actual bears, but more capable of standing on two legs and has human-like hands. Very strong, and are able to use unusually large weapons. Tend to be very protective of their friends, family, and teammates.

hair: black, brown, reddish brown (or any real life cattle fur color/pattern)

Skin: covered in fur

Rules: play as minotaur from MM/dragon magazine #369

Other: basically a minotaur, they tend to like mazes, and will likely follow the crowd unless angered, where they are known for their bad tempers.

Hair: any real life cat (including big cats) hair color/pattern

Skin: fair to light tan

Rules: play as razorclaw shifter from PH2, but change the title of "Razorclaw Shifting" to "Call of the Hunt"

other: Almost human, except for a tail, their cat ears, claw-like nails, and very short fuzz/fur that covers most of their bodies and gives their skin what appears to be patterns. they have a tendency to be playful, but also can be stubborn or ignore what people tell them to do.

hair/feathers: any real life bird color/pattern, though hawk/eagle/falcon or crow/raven are more common.

Skin: light to dark tan

Rules: as Wind soul genasi (forgotten realms player's guide) with the following changes: change +2 str to +2 dex, Remove elemental origin. elemental manifestation is the wind soul manifestation

other: able to fly short distances. Lighter that most other races their size, due to their hollow bones. They enjoy hunting and tracking.

Hair: none

Skin: (scales) any common dragon color (red, blue, green, white, black, gold, silver, copper, bronze, brass) or some of the rarer dragon colors (rare; brown, purple, gray, iron, others)

rules: as dragonborn From PH

other: guardians/servants of the kobolds. The whole race is very serious, taking their protection of the kobolds and other beastfolk very seriously.

Hair: grey, brown, black, any real life wolf color

skin: covered in fur

rules: play as Githzerai from MM.

other: A very disciplined and honorable race, they hold honor above all else.

Hair- sparse gray, or covered in fur with brown or black

Skin- Gray or covered in fur

rules: Play as goliath from PH2

other: big guys, known for their great memory, a tough race. Looks like elephants that walk on hind legs and have human-like hands (legs still have normal elephant feet)

rules- as bladelings from Manual of the Planes

Other- Just putting it out there, probably change the acid resistance when I get around to it.

hair- any real life rabbit color

skin- covered in fur

rules- In a later post.

other- The largest of Avito's tiny races. Easily mistaken for large rabbits. Not known for cross dressing.

hair- Any real life squirrel color

skin-covered in fur.

rules- In a later post.

other- Quite a large portion of these are evil, most are chaotic, all are a little bit crazy.

Hair- Any real life mouse color

Skin- Covered in fur

Rules- In a later post

other- Tiniest of the tiny races, have an ancient war with the Ratfolk.

Hair- Any real life rat color

Skin- covered in fur (except for tail)

Rules- In a later post.

other- Crude, larger versions of mouse folk, commonly disliked by larger folk. At war with the micefolk.

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