Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Races of Avion 2: Avion's visitors from Avire

Here are the races of Avire: Orcs, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Imps, and Barcs.

Hair: Maroon or crimson red, purple, rare platinum blond

Skin: Deep green to pale green

Other: what? did you think that orcs were gonna have normal hair?

Personality: Orcs, at first impression, are considered to be "calmer, green humans," being somewhat unpredictable and clever, but also showing great patience. However when orcs reach their breaking point, or someone threatens their friends, family, or land they can become extremely angry and destructive, with surprising stamina.

Hair: Green, brown, uncommon dark gray

Skin: sickly yellow to bright yellow, orange

Other: Precocious little folk, goblins are constantly innovating, though their ideas are rarely well thought out. whenever they get bored, they start to think of new ideas. For this reason, the other races like to keep goblins busy, as all their ideas tend to end up badly eventually, some known to take millennia to do so (see barcs, below).

Hair: any orc or goblin hair color, especially green or red, rarer colors are more common

Skin: any goblin color

Personality: Goblin skin color and orc stature. Descendants of Orc/goblin pairings that were bred and kept as slaves, and eventually revolted (another goblin idea gone wrong). Hobgoblins have since created their own culture and kingdoms, friendly but weary of the other races.

Hair: Primary or secondary colors - only 2 genes for fur color

Skin: covered in fur

Rules: in later post.

Personality: Tiny, hairy, brightly colored, winged men. When first seen by Avion's races, thought to be demons, but imps, though low in intelligence, are friendly and try to help the other races as much as they can. They love working as messengers, and hate being spies.

hair: hairless?

Skin: exoskeleton, almost any real-life crab color, commonly brown

Rules: in a later post.

Personality: Barcs are intelligent crabs, originally raised, bred, and trained by goblins for "crab knife fighting" competitions since before any recorded history. After several thousand years, the specialized breeding of these crabs caused them to become intelligent, and question their masters. This brought about the goblin term "the crabs are revolting" (referring to a bad day), and the goblin's tendency to constantly wear lower leg armor, as the barcs hold a grudge and are trained to use knifes. Barcs that breed with normal crabs only have barc offspring.


Jennifer L. Post said...

Barcs huh? Did you tell me about those before? I don't remember... but they're cool! hehe, crab with knives. XD

MacGuffin said...

Yeah, I donno if I told you about those. I think I was hit with a fit of silliness when I wrote that, something to give that world a little more flavor.