Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Races of Avion 1: Avion's Original Races

Ages of Avion may be similar to the typical D&D setting, but not everything is the same! Some of the races have slight changes, and some races do not even exist. So, of course, I will now go further into more detail about the races of Avion. In this post, the races that are originally from Avion, and are playable at least by the third age.

Skin: any real life human color

Hair: any real life human color

Personality: basically like any real life human. Humans, according to the other races, tend to be stubborn, unpredictable, and troublesome. However, they see themselves as strong willed, ingenuous, and fun to be around. Many humans have a tendency to rush into things where other races would have second thoughts about treading. Though a lack (or at least a deficiency) of common sense is not present in all humans, it is common in their adventurers.

Hair: white, very light gray, or very light blond hair naturally, but most tend to dye their hair seasonally to match the colors: green in the spring, orange/red/yellow in the fall, and gray/brown in the winter. Almost always straight, though a curly haired elf are known to exist.

Skin: I am still debating whether to give them fair skin like most typical elves or if I should give them tan to dark colored skin? I'll figure it out later and update this.

Personality: Elves tend to be quiet and observant, and have a tendency to startle other races when they suddenly notice an elf sitting there. This is not the case when it comes to drunken elves, but that's something for later. They love to do various forms of arts and crafts, and become quite upset if you refer to their particular craft as anything less than art. No matter the product or quality.

Hair: tends to be dark brown, rusty red, other earthy/mineral colors, usually rough, beards same as hair.

Skin: similar to the elves I am not sure as to what to do with their skin. They could have an earthy, tan colored skin, but wouldn't it make more sense for them to have pale skin?

Personality: similar to drunken elves (and drinking makes them even worse), loud, crude, and unshaven, many dwarves adventure just to get some scars to brag about at the tavern.

Hair: lighter human colors

Skin: Light tan to fair

Personality: halflings are, compared to the other races, somewhat uncivilized. They tend to prefer primal or martial classes, especially those that do the most melee damage. They lead simple lives, farming, hunting, etc. until, upon reaching adulthood, they catch the wanderlust and travel, commonly adventuring, until they have acquired fortune, a mate, or both then return to their homeland (or in the case of females, to their mate's homeland) to return to a life of farming.

Hair: all the same light brown color

Skin: all the same light tan color

Other: not much variation amongst this race, rules coming in later post

Personality: These tiny tricksters can capture much larger prey with their numbers. Gnomish legend says that a single tribe once defeated The Tarrasque. Barbaric in nature they are known to capture and on occasion eat other intelligent creatures.they have a reputation as being untrustworthy among the other races, which is well deserved, but towards fellow gnomes and the few "big folk" that know some gnomish secrets, they are very friendly and courteous.

Hair: Hairless

Skin: Slimy, green skin, with shells that can be the color of any real life snail's shell.

Personality: Super intelligent, tiny, and friendly, ellobians make the perfect advisers. They gladly help out people that they think are good who give them enough food, access to new places and information, and access to other ellobians when they request it. They are able to transfer information to each other, though physical contact. They are capable of casting powerful magic, but due to their quiet, pacifistic nature they tend to not use it except in self defense.

Portal cats

Hair: Any real life cat hair color

Skin: covered in fur

Personality: Aloof, while they do enjoy a good hunt, they enjoy sleeping and prowling just as much. Portal cats are very similar to regular cats in personality, but their intelligence makes them stand out very clearly. They cannot speak common, but it is not uncommon for one to understand several different languages. They have their own language, but are very careful to keep it a secret. When portal cats breed with normal cats, the resulting offspring, called por cats or tal cats (half portal cats), tend to be infertile, less intelligent, and create less stable portals, which are dangerous.

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