Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Races of Avion

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting more detailed descriptions of the races of Avion. They are not exactly like the standard races, and will all have descriptions to explain the views of the majority of that race. Of course, characters are not required to have that view, and can be completely different from the description. Most of the new races will use exact or modified rules of other races from the official D&D setting, Player and monster races.

The first Post includes the races that are from Avion, then two posts for the races that came from Avire and Avito. The fourth post will contain half-breeds of any mix that seems reasonable, the fifth will finally have rules for the tiny sized races. Then the final post in the series will have a comparison to all the races currently in the D&D books.

All of these are likely to get updates at some point, so although they are to be considered complete, they are far from it. And don't worry, I'll find some way to keep you informed if there is an update.

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