Monday, March 2, 2009

ZOMG! Kobolds!

Kobolds, maybe I just like to root for the little guys, but I like them.

Kobolds are fun! Little, dragon obsessed, scaly people who just try to make a living when some adventurers go and lay waste to their entire family.

I was hoping that there would be better race information for them in the draconomicon, maybe a few feats for them, like fire breath or some wings, but no luck. maybe someday, kobolds. Maybe someday, you will shine like I know you can.

For you, kobolds, I have labeled all posts that include a good bit of info about kobolds, and in a few weeks I will have rules for Ages of Avion kobolds. And don't expect the monster manual kobolds either.

Actually, I'll even give you a taste: Kobolds do not breed outside of their own scale color (and especially not other races), and the rarest color (on the surface) is the purple kobold, who is able to see in the dark and uses picks as weapons. I may even use one for a story, using the "drow that is afraid of the dark" idea to use on this character.

Updates for the next few weeks:
Ages of Ages of Avion
Races of Avion series (6 in all, subject to change)

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