Friday, April 24, 2009

Monster Mania

I was having a conversation with Ravyn from Exchange of Realities. She pointed out that her RPG design company, Victorious Press, is looking for new designers and suggested I apply. The application involves using a D&D 3.5e random monster generator and filling in the blanks, both crunch and fluff. Here are some of my favorite results and my ideas for them:

Large, undead, aquatic swarm
Aquatic kobold village finds evil item, turns them undead and controls them. It causing them to attack any creature or ships that travels by, especially those that have gold or magical items. The swarm has been growing bolder lately, attacking nearby villages as well.

fine evil animal
Little on size, big on evil. These mice are known for their nastiness, having red eyes and black fur except for a red stripe on their backs. Their bites themselves do little damage, but they are both poisonous and carry diseases unimaginable.

colossal aberration (air)
A large balloon-like monster, these aberrations float around in the sky and attack smaller flying creatures and ships, or if they are hungry enough, land creatures. Their stomach is filled with a lighter than air corrosive gas that breaks down nearly anything that it eats.

large archon ooze
These oozes from the negative energy planes have evolved in such a way that they only consume non-good creatures, evil ones more quickly. After one comes into contact with a good creature, it ignores it and moves onto the next target.

small plant angel
Cherub like plant creatures from positive energy planes, servants of nature gods, sworn to protect nature.

Diminutive Elemental
Itty-bitty elemental of every element, look like a small ball of their element with legs (think of the soot sprites from spirited away). A town, with very small portals to the elemental planes (or elemental chaos for 4e) that let these through, captures them for use during their day to day activities. Fire ones are used to cook, start fires, and as lights. Water ones are used to wash clothes by moving the water, and earth ones are used to move the earth for farming (they have some control over their element). Air ones are used to keep air flowing in mines. Adventurers are commonly sent out to capture them as they can be tricky when wild. Wind ones can fly, and water ones can swim, earth ones sink, and fire ones can't touch water.
Alternate: The town has figured out a way to extract a part of their soul in the form of an elemental. The type of the elemental is dependent on the person's personality.

Tiny Ooze (Good, Swarm, Reptilian)
There are no words.

Fine Construct
Its a little, clockwork kobold!

Well, that's eight ideas for monsters, this weekend I'll pick one and write up the rest of it. I may even convert it to 4e for fun. For now, I need to get some sleep and read up on 3.5, its been a while since I played it.

So, tell me what you think! Comment!


Brett said...

That sounds like a great way to break out of a mental rut. Sometimes you just get stuck for something new, using the random framework then filling it in is a clever idea!

MacGuffin said...

Yup, Glad I though of it!
Glad I thought of it...

But yes, this was a fun excise and I'll probably do it again. ^^

(Wow! He referenced the last post, that means he actually reads my blog! *ecstatic*)