Monday, April 6, 2009

Random Idea: Inspiration block demon

Ok, I know I said I was gonna write about WonderCon, But I never did. So here is an idea inspired by the last event of the con: The sing along Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode.

Inspiration block demon:
The opposite of a muse. Causer of writer's block, instigator of procrastination, and all around pain in the rear for creative types.

And that's all I got before my thinking of it caused it to come into existence and start plaguing me.

No not really, I'm always like that.

But, as with the Buffy demon that made everyone sing and dance, it really does fit an actual story better, rather than a RPG, unless you can get your players to agree to not do anything inspired. Or just not allow them to. Or make it invinceable to inspired attacks.

To be honest, all I can see is that the smart character keeps trying to think of something to stop the monster, but is completly unable to form an idea. Then another character (who has this as an answer to all problems) simply pulls an "Indy" and just shoots the demon, prompting its final words, "How uninspired..."

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