Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Edit:This was posted earlier today, but for whatever reason, the RPGBN didn't pick it up, so I'm reposting it so its visible for people to read.


WotC decides to do something and every last RPG blogger has to write about it? (slight exaggeration)

I admit that their move is somewhat questionable and could cost them in the end, but is it really necessary to have 8 posts on it? And I understand that there are RPG news blogs in our ranks, but it kinda just seems a little silly for there to be that many posts on the same info.

my apologies for dragging you into this, but Ubiquitous Orcs made a reference to the multiple postings:
"For those of you who just dropped in from RPGBN or other quality places, there's no doubt you've already read the news about WoTC's move to pull all WoTC-related PDFs from the various download sites such as Drive-Thru RPG and Paizo..."
If he has no doubt that everyone who came from the RPGBN has heard of it, it may be a sign that too many people are talking about it.

Maybe I'm just tired, maybe I'm subconsciously trying to get more hits, but for whatever reason, this is bugging me.

As I was writing this, two more on the same topic were posted...


Questing GM said...

Well, everyone wants to have a share of their voice to ridicule Wizards' business decision.

I'm actually surprised that this got more waves than Dave Arneson being hospitalized but maybe everyone just wanted to let out some high emotions.

Even with or without the RPGBN, this echo chamber effect is already rocking the forums. ;)

MacGuffin said...

To be honest, I thought that there was more people talking about Dave Arneson, but the reason I didn't give posts on that topic the same treatment was that they were wishing him well.

Spike Page said...

Actually, the rest of my quote concerns Dave Arneson's declining health..though as others have stated, the WoTC fiasco seems to be getting all the blog attention.

That's just how it is in a network whose members all belong to a relatively small niche in which there are rarely any "big" news stories that universally concern most of its members. This and the Dave Arneson story are two such stories, and far be it from me to tell anybody to "shaddup already".