Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Story Time: Untitled Story Project

For some time I have been working on several story ideas for the Ages of Avion setting. Though it may ultimately not be in that setting, I finally started writing recently. Here is the unedited first draft of what I have written so far.

Ebberhard wished that he had a better form of transportation. His legs were hurting, but he refused to believe it was because he was getting old.

"pick up the pace, Eb. Are you getting old or something?" Jenoa said, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"I'm not getting old, I've just been walking a very long time." Ebberhard replied, trying to convince himself as much as the ghost. "And if you had legs, Mr. incorporeal, you would be tired and in pain as well.

The "Mr." was Ebberhard's best guess, as even when taking energy from ebberhard to create a humanoid form, Jenoa's spirit was dificult to tell the sex from. It was common trait among elves to have gender neutral spirits and this one that had been bound to him from childhood was no different.

"Well," Jenoa started, in that tone of voice that let Ebberhard know Jenoa was going to talk about the elves, "If I still had my elf body, it still would not getting old for a while..."

"Well," Ebberhard started back, mimicing Jenoa's tone, " Perhaps that was one of my parent's aims in their experament. Sometimes I wish they hadn't given me my magical sences, so that I didn't have to hear you talk about the elves all the time.

"oh, Eb..." The ghost sighed, "You know I don't like when you talk about your parents... How can you talk about them after all they did to you?"

"That was a long time ago," Eb scowled, "And you know as well as I htat they have paid for their crimes, and for all we know they still are paying for it. The judiciary system is tough on people who do illegal magical experaments, especially those on children."

"Uggh..." Jenoa was clearly irritated, "Thats so like you... And we've been on this road so long! Are we there yet?"

"yes, actually. We're almost to the address."

Jenoa was suddenly in a much better mood, "Oh! I wonder what kind of house fiestly ol' Lil has?" They walked up to a plane looking house, which surprised jenoa, causing her to blurt out, "I thought it's be more extravagant..."

"People don't always do what you expect. Now shush, I have living people to talk to."

Its not a lot, but thats all I have so far.

What do you think of it?

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