Friday, June 19, 2009

Five Bullywugs Named Steve: Steve

Many bullywugs were experimented on in the sorcerer's tower, but this is not one of them.

there is a little known line of bullywugs that has fey blood in them, though nobody knows how this happened. A drunken nymph, a hopped-up satyr, or even a disturbingly curious elf, nobody knows, but there is no denying their greater agility (and intelligence, they claim) and different temperament than most other bullywugs. Yes, this tale is about one of them.

Steve was born a normal bullywug, was unremarkable as a tadpole, but really grew into his own as he started growing legs. He graduated at the top of his class in bullywug school*, and was voted most likely to join a rag-tag group of crime fighters. By coincidence, this is exactly what he did.
Some years after he began a successful mud business, making and selling mud, Steve was kidnapped by several sorcerers who had not only tried to magically alter bullywugs, but lost them and thought Steve was one of them. Luckily for Steve, four of the escapees ambushed the sorcerers and helped him escape.

The escaped bullywugs had only recently banded together, and were still bickering amongst themselves about how they should handle things and what they would be called. Steve told them that they must stand together to take advantage of their full potential, since there is power in numbers. Then he mentioned that five was greater than four, saying that he wished to add his own strength to theirs.

Once they agreed to let him join, Steve suggested that for their name, they use their number, to show their power, and add what they have in common, that they were bullywugs and happened to all have the name Steve.

Thus, they became The Five Bullywugs Named Steve.

While Steve finds his new career to be more rewarding, He has yet to find that his evil twin-half brother Stave (don't ask) took over his mud business, and is forcing his workers to work more for less and is slowly destroying his people's way of life. Will Steve Return to his old life to help his people, or will he stay with his new comrades and fight injustice?

*Bullywug school involves learning how to make mud, though nobody knows why bullywugs find mud to be so important.

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jatori said...

Twin-half brother? :D

Do the bullywugs know why they find mud so important? No! Do not question the mud!