Monday, June 15, 2009

D&D Insider Exclusive Race: Revenant

But I mostly just wanted to boost my hits.

The revenant is 4e's first undead playable race, but instead of being a race of their own, they are simply a soul stuffed back into a body by the Raven Queen. This can cause a revenant to 'be' any other race, allowing them access to that race's feats, paragon paths, or epic destinies that their previous race had access to. In additon, there is a lot of 'previous race' related feats to help your revenant recover some of his previous identity. I intend to make a formerly half-elf revenant and make him take the revenant feats for half-elf as well as elf and human. No wait, nevermind... its a racial feature, that might not work...but why not try?

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Erik Billeci said...

Meh, no offense, but it sounds kind of lame to me. So I get to be undead (which means unhealable by cleric) AND just get access to aanothe races stuff rather than my own?

Yeah... coulda been better. For example:

Charlie is half in and half out. Half zombie, half human. Basically makes him his own race.