Friday, June 5, 2009

Hybrid Classes and Other Character Ideas

Well, when they released that they were going to include hybrid classes on the charcter builder with the next update, I was excited with all the possibilities! A barbarian/paladin! A druid/wizard! Even a sorcerer/avenger! I was all ready to create some new characters and write a post about them.

But no.

They only included the classes from the PHB1 and the FRPG.

None the less, I have some more characters to present to you today that I whipped up:

Thia: leader multiclass
Thia Starts with the Bard class, and then uses the Multiclass Versitility class feature to get multiclass feats for all of the other classes, getting the feats that give additional healing abilities. May get an update when more multiclass options come up.

Kris: Hybrid/multiclass striker
Kris is a hybrid ranger/rogue with multiclassing into barbarian as far as the paragon multiclassing.

MacGuffin: this blog's writer's interpretation of himself in D&D (with a Hybrid class)
Yours truely, stated out ass a dual-weilding paladin. Yeah, I'm kinda awesome.

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