Tuesday, June 9, 2009

APSC: Martial Barbarian, The Way its Meant to Be

Well, after quite a while of posting at least every other day (about a month!), sickness, adjusting to a new computer, and laziness caught up with me and I've missed several days that I should have been posting.

So, to make it up to you I present: Martial Barbarian!
The way it's meant to be!

First the crunch, then the fluffs.

Mechanical changes:

I... I honestly can't find anything that needs to be changed. So, onto the...

When civilization (towns and cities) is described points of light in a dark world, barbarians are those who live in the darkness. These uncivilized people battle for food, territory, and their tribe's right to live. Considered to be almost monsters, a theory encouraged by their powerful rages, where they devastate their opponents with increased strength and agility powered by their blood being forged through generations of survivors in a hellish landscape.

Though the spirits may watch over them, these barbarians are not powered by them. Untold eons of the strongest surviving and the weak falling has built people the perfect martial machine. This added to their unsurpassed rage makes any foe think twice about fighting them.

Well, its not a lot, but its more than I've been doing lately.
Any thoughts on the fluff?

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