Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ultimate damage tank

I was thinking about Dak Ness, the "shifty shifter," and decided that he needed some team mates. So I decided to make more optimized characters who could use their racial abilities to augment their classes, and I noticed that the bugbear can use weapons that are one size larger than its own size(and I later found that minotaurs have the same ability, but only in the monster manual). So I made Rahz, a bugbear fighter, multi-classing as a ranger for the two weapon fighting abilities. So, here, thanks to iplay4e, I can display Rahz here on Ideamancer!

The main idea for Rahz was to make a character that would do as much damage as possible. Bugbears get a strength bonus, can use weapons one size catagory larger then they are, and has an ability that can let him do extra damage once per encounter. I decided that my damage machine would be either a ranger or a fighter, eventually choosing fighter since Dak was already a ranger, and giving him a little more toughness to take more hits. But anyway... First thing that I did was Look through the weapons to find the best damage dealing one handed weapon (if you haven't figured it out already, you'll see why one handed soon). It took a while, but I finally found it: the bastard sword. Better yet, since he could use weapons one size larger: LARGE BASTARD SWORD! 1d12 Damage, +3 proficency, and only 30gp each. So, after taking feats so that he could A) Use bastard swords, weapon proficiency (bastard sword) B) Use a one handed weapon as a off hand weapon, Two blade warrior (multiclass ranger). He was ready to go bust some heads. I also gave him the novice power feat, to take advantage of some of the ranger's powers. I auto added some magic items, them replaced them with more appropriate magic items of the same level, such as the lightning weapon for one of his swords.

I think I a going to update Dak Ness on the shifty shifter post, so that he is viewable as Rahz is above.

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Andrew Reutter said...

Hey man,

Looks like our update of a couple days ago broke your embedded character. Simple enough fix, though; just open your (updated) Character Builder, save the file again, and upload a replacement at iplay4e.

Sorry we had to drop support for pre-April-28 CB characters...

- Andrew Reutter,