Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Writing Idea: Planar Ranger

Ok, I was working on writing the next session of the D&D group. But that doesn't stop my brain from working on other things, I was thinking about an idea for another story, and as I am thinking about it, I suddenly stop and think, "Aw, crap. I just created ANOTHER fantasy setting."

Anyway, as it has developed so far, long ago there was a powerful wizard (as there commonly was) and he excelled above all others when it came to the planes. Tales say he could open a portal to anywhere at his whim, control the less stable planes, and some say he could even create planes as he desired. Then one day, he disappeared. The old tales are never truly clear, and rarely agree with each other, but their is one person who knows his fate. He knows.

On a plane that is completely covered in forests, an old man works an arcane formula as two young men fuss over how to properly cook an odd looking beast that they had just caught, looking up at them from its cage. Giving up arguing with his stubborn brother, the tall one stands up and asks the old man what he thinks. He tells them that they should try to tame the creature and have it catch food for them. The two look at the old man, then at each other, then at the beast, then they grin and jump into action and start arguing the best way to tame the creature. The old man smiles to himself, knowing that that should keep them busy for at least a few days, and resumes his work. It had been four hundred Fifty six years since he had retired to this plane, its pure essence of nature keeping him from dying of old age as he continued his work. After centuries of solitude, dryads that he had not known existed in the plane suddenly appeared, causing him to think he had lost his marbles. Beautiful women tend to do that.

The dryads had watched over him while he was there: sent food his way when he was running low on supplies, sent away the great beasts if they were heading in his direction, and observed his actions in his day to day life. As it turned out, they had found a pair of human infants and they did not know how to raise them as humans. They wished for him to raise the infants and he agreed, on one condition: that they would no longer hide their presence from him and come to talk with him occasionally, since he had not conversed with anyone in quite some time, and aid him in whatever way possible to raise the two, since thought the old man knew many things, he did not know much about raising children.

The two boys grew up quickly, compared to centuries of solitude, the dryads helped in whatever ways they could. The old man taught them all that he could, and since he was a wizard, he taught them what he knew- magic. One of the boys took to it like a fish to water, but his brother had much difficulty mastering the control of magic...

Wow, this is taking longer than I thought, and its not even the part I wanted to write. What I wanted to write was that the taller one (who is not as good at magic) gets a device that allows him to travel to different planes as well as his brother can magically, and after his brother gets lost, he has to go and find him, traveling from plane to plane. I'm sure something happens, that involves a attractive young female of a royal bloodline that needs help in some way.

Will he find his brother? Will he help the attractive, young female of a royal bloodline? And what is so troubling her that she asks a stranger for help? Will I ever develop this storyline any further than this?

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