Wednesday, February 4, 2009

D&D sessions 8 - 10

Ack! I am so far behind on the sessions! Its been so long that I don't really remember what happened... I have a paragraph I wrote a while back, I'll just add what I can to that.

On with the story!

After looting Balgron's treasure, the team finds a dead end and heads back to the hallway to pick another door, and decide to go north. Inside this room, they find what appears to be a torture chamber, filled with goblins and a hobgoblin ready to make use of the room. They immediately notice our heroes and the hobgoblin grabs a hot poker from a fire pit in the room and prepares for battle. Several of the goblins stay back and shoot with their crossbows, but one rushes in and tries to slice the closest adventurer, which happens to be Aiur. Ok, yeah, I can't write right now... I'm just gonna fill in the blanks between here and where they are now. Maybe someday when I feel more up to writing I'll write it better.

The heroes quickly dispatched the hobgoblin and his minions, and found that there was another goblin locked in one of the cells. HE told them his name was splug, and asked them to help him out of the cell, offering to help them in return. They were, untrusting at first, but decided to give him a chance, keeping him on a rope. Splug told them what he know about the surrounding area, and of another room where the goblins had been digging where Balgron had told them that they might find treasure. They went to that room and fought several goblins and their pet guard drakes there, Marric was disappointed that no treasure was found.
That was the end of the 9th session, in the 10th session we were joined by Nuka, a friend who was in town visiting, she played the role of Rameus... er... well, until a ripple in reality somehow turned him into a girl, Ramey.

The heroes then backtracked to a stairway leading down to another part of the keep, which seemed a bit more rough than the part they had been in. Suddenly* attacked them in several waves, creating enough noise to attract a large Jelly. They fought bravely, taking out the rats left and right, and working on exterminating the jelly as well. The heroes got quite a shock when, after being cut in two, the jelly simply kept attacking as two monsters, but they managed to vanquish their foe.

After a short break, they were ready to continue and Marric noticed the smell of treasure. Marric's nose lead them to a room with a large pool with an island in the middle. A pile of various items sat on the island, and Aiur decided to jump to it. He just fell into the water. Marric tried to jump next, followed by Ramey, and they both fell in as well. This is about the point that they realized that there was something in the water, besides them. Nieen helped Marric back onto land, as Aiur and Ramey helped each other onto the island, preparing for battle. A blue slime rose from the pool, deciding that it was time for a nice meal, though our heroes knew they did not wish to be a part of the menu.

We had to quit in the middle of this battle, a first for our group. Since this point we have not been able to play, due to people being busy. I'm glad that I finally caught up on the sessions, thought it may not be as detailed as it could be, and I'll post the next session as soon as I can, so expect it in about a week and a half.

*Rodents Of Unusual Size

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