Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Broadswords and Boomsticks

Game idea: Broadswords and Boomsticks.
setting: modern day Sci-fi/horror (aliens, monsters and zombies)
possible media: video game(RPG, Shooter/Hack and slash, tactics-style RPG), Tabletop RPG
concept: monsters, aliens, and zombies attack! All your dreams come true!

Basically, what every nerd dreams for: something happens that makes all of their gaming, reading, and other nerdy things they have done come to some use: the things that nobody else believes existed turn out to not only exist, but attacks. you become the first, and only, line of defense against the things that nobody else is prepared for.

races in B&B:
K'zooni - militaristic aliens that are trying to take over the world.
Ah'zooni - Aliens that want to coexist with humans.
Zooners - descendants of alien and human pairings.
Elfin - descendants of long extinct elf race, part human.
Magebreed- Humans of a magic bloodline, able to use magic.
Dwarvin - descendants of Dwarf and Human pairings.
Dwarves- race hidden underground, rarely seen.
Mundanes - Non-magical, pureblood humans.
Orkin - descendants of long extinct race of tainted elves, part human.
Fall-bound - descendants of angel and human pairings, also called "Sins" as for an angel to mate with a mortal is a crime, and makes it a fallen one.

Aliens: "Gray" types of aliens, two races: the good Ah'zooni and the evil K'zooni
Undead: zombies, vampires, hopping vampires, ghosts.
Lycanthropes: So many types that its really kinda funny.
dragons: long dormant, huge, flying lizards. Hungry.
random large beasts: YES

more to come... maybe.

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