Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Character Idea: Are you afraid of the dark...?

He he he... Every once in a while I get a really silly idea... and here is one of them:

A drow that is afraid of the dark!

...well I suppose its only funny if you know enough about D&D. Drow are dark elves that live underground in an area of dangerous things called "the underdark". They stand out from their normal elf cousins by their black skin, white hair, and general evilness. For a drow to be afraid of the dark would only work if the character was meant to be silly or lame, of course anyone that knows me would know that I would go for silly. Almost all drow characters are meant to be trying to throw off their race's evil tendencies and try to be nice. Not so with this character, he likes being evil, a lot, but would rather be above ground where it is light out at least half of the time.

well he would need to not have the drow racial darkvision.. (which allows them to see in pitch black darkness.)

Oh! Maybe he can learn that he is only half-drow! Character development!


Dun dun dun...

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