Monday, December 29, 2008

D&D session 7

After a couple of weeks off (from meetings, not posts.), the group got back together to continue the adventure. Kami still has not found his dice, or he rolled so well last time that he just wanted to use my dice again. Anyway, to the adventure.

The last we saw our heroes, they had defeated a group of goblins that had set a trap for them. They walked down a hallway and saw three doors, in order to decide which way to go Aiur suggests that they play "spin the drunk" as Rameus consumed quite a bit of booze to fuel his arcane powers. Rameus, even in his inebriated state, did not enjoy the idea, which led Nieen to pick the door to the right. She lead the way down a hall, curtains hanging on the other side of the room, when they got to the room two goblins at a table were looking up from their card game at them. The goblins fumbled to ring a bell, alerting nearby goblins that there were intruders, and then rushed towards them. The goblins fell quickly, but more soon came, Marric jumped on the Table, knives covered in blood, and started taunting the goblins that were pouring out from behind the curtains.

yeah, I've been reading too much OOTS.

As the goblins came into the room, our heroes mowed them down. Eventually in their third wave the goblins began to overwhelm our heroes with their numbers, but a few well placed hits began to solve that problem. Aiur Cut the goblins down before they got a chance to hit him, as Marric stabbed away and Nieen and Rameus dealt out damage from the back row. Just as the goblins were just about done for, a few more pulled the curtains down on one side. Behind it were three goblins, two that seemed to be similarly undernourished as the rest of the goblins, and one that looked like he must be in charge and got to eat as much as he wanted, a goblin called Balgron the fat.

At this point, where Balgron enters, the conditions for Balgron to run away had already been met. Luckily what happened next... happened.

Aiur, seeing the last newcomers appear, Let out a devastating roar that weakened the knees of two of the goblins, and caused Balgron to flee. The two goblins surrendered, and Marric ran around the room to cut Balgron off before he could escape. Aiur charged past his new prisoners and brutally attacked Balgron with his axe, and then strikes him again, nearly killing him in two strikes.

Aiur makes a intimidate check, natural twenty. Thats why the goblins, who usually fight to the death, just drop their weapons. then he runs down the hall, hits Balgron, then uses an action point to hit him again.

With their prisoners captured and tied, Marric goes in to interrogate them about any treasure that they have, and fearing to see the outcome, Nieen walks around the corner. Balgron pleads for his life, offering a key to a chest in the next room, this pleases Marric and he takes the key to search for the treasure, leaving the goblins in Aiur's hands. Aiur is conflicted between his devotion to extinguishing evil and upholding the laws, such as how to deal with prisoners, and he decides to pray to Bahamut for guidance. Given no reply, he looks to his old friend Rameus, who douses the goblins in his booze and magically ignites them, long ago having learned to not trust most things.

Although this was fun to develop the NPC characters, I really should have let the players decide what to do. It really showed Marric's commonly shown greed, and Rameus's occasionally shown mistrust of anything that is not a part of his team. Though, it did do a little bit of development of the PC's characteristics, as Nieen went around the corner not caring of the goblins' fate, which might fit, since she worships the goddess of nature, and Aiur's conflict. kinda touching, both could have been better managed by me, had I thought of it at the time. marric found the treasure, i think Rameus got a new +1 wand.

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