Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Current Ideas

currently there are three ideas going through my head at this time.

1. Broadswords and Boomsticks (B&B)
characters fight a number of unnatural, super natural, and extraterrestrial entities trying to take over or destroy the world or just plain be evil.
possible media for this include:
table top RPG
Video game (3rd person shooter/hack and slash or tactics-type RPG are my top ideas)
graphic novel/webcomic

2. My fantasy setting(s)
I have half a post on a new fantasy setting, involving a lot of planes. Think of what would happen if technology had advanced a couple hundred years after a typical D&D setting. Something like that.
And for my other setting, I have been thinking about a religion system which I will post when I get the chance... and get a little more solid.

3. After my players make it though the current module, I plan to make a continuing story of what happens to them after- discoveries are made, and the heroes will try to make the world a safer place. I can't say any more because my only reader is one of the players.

Dang... that brings me up to... five posts that I plan to write. Two D&D sessions that I need to catch up on, the religion stuff for my fantasy setting, the post about the other fantasy setting (fantasy setting 2?) , and a post about some character ideas I have for my fantasy setting... Six if I am gonna make a post about B&B... Well, I had better get writing...

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