Wednesday, December 10, 2008

D&D session 6

First of all, I'd like to point this out, second one down if my favorite. ^^ So true.

Anyway, here is the sixth session Of keep on the Shadowfell that I am running my players through. Kami has lost his dice and has to use my extra set, but that doesn't really have anything to do with anything.

Last we saw our heroes, they had just returned to town with Douven Staul. Once there, they notice that the locals seem to be a little out of sorts, when asked he simply replies that something doesn't feel right, as though someone was walking over his grave. Aiur goes to the town lord to ask him about the people acting strangely, but he hadn't noticed anything since he spends most of his time in his office. Nieen went to Val at the tavern to ask him the same thing, and he was a bit more helpful, saying that it might be because of the rift being opened at the keep. Before leaving town, our heroes went to the market square to sell some extra equipment they had acquired and buy several potions.

It was about this time that they figured out that the potions were the only magic items in their price range, potions work somewhat oddly in this version, but I suppose that it makes sense given how the new healing system works. Healing potions are basically: "use a healing surge and gain X HP" where X varies on the type of potion it is. its sort of a way to A) heal yourself as a minor action, B)heal yourself more times per battle, and C) possibly heal yourself for more HP than you would normally.

After Purchasing supplies, the group heads towards the keep, noticing that the scenery slowly changes to dull colors, and all noises are muted with even the wind not making a sound. Now understanding why the locals say the place is haunted, they get to the ruins of the keep and see a path cleared leading to the entrance of the keep, and cautiously they enter. Descending a flight of stairs, they emerge into a square room with four pillars. Aiur cautiously moves forward into the center of the room, setting off a pit trap. He falls to the bottom of the pit and is immediately swarmed by hungry rats, as goblins peer into the room and start lobbing spears at the heroes.

Heh heh heh... I don't think they expected the trap and, as it turns out, Nieen is afraid of rats. Had I known that, I might have made her fall in. >: ) Wait... A cleric of the goddess of nature... Afraid of a rodent... Seems mildly silly now that I think about it...

Aiur tried to fight off the rats, with little luck. Nieen, eager to dispose of the rats scorched them with her Sacred Flame as Rameus and Marric attacked the goblins. Once Nieen finished off the Rats, Aiur did a Rage fueled jump straight out of the pit and ran down a hallway to smash one of the shocked goblins, who now believed the dragonborn could fly. He then let out a roar and took down another goblin, finally letting his rage subside. Rameus, who had been drinking since before the gobs had attacked, was now pretty tipsy and was burning and magic missiling the gobs left and right, and Marric was stabbing the goblins as much as he could. Nieen Jumped behind a wall to avoid a flying goblin spear and accidentally used sacred flame after she was behind cover and burnt herself a little. Eventually the goblins all fell, and our heroes breathed a sigh of relief.

Natural twenties are a sight to behold. Sure they are not extremely rare, with one in twenty odds, but an automatic hit is just something to enjoy. Kami looked at me and stated that he (Aiur) wanted to jump out of the hole, I told him to roll the d20, and he did. A natural 20. I think the pit was supposed to be ten feet deep, but I did not actually ever specify that to them, and I let him Jump straight out of the pit, run down the hall, and attack a gob. He hit and then rolled the maximum damage possible with his weapon. I don't feel as though I am doing this even justice in its telling, but oh, it was fun when it happened.

This session seems really short, and it seems like we don't get very far in our sessions, only during one session we got two encounters and that was because they were one right after the other. I can't help but wonder if I am doing something wrong, as the DM, but I'm running the game as best I can. I try to keep it fun and interesting for my players, what else can a DM do?

And it suddenly occurred to me that the villain's motivation is not really discussed (as far as I have noticed) in the module beyond the implied "he fanaticly wants to release his master/ become powerful by releasing a powerful entity on the world." Then I realized that he had been made fun of at wizard/cleric school (I don't actually know which he is...) and they called him "Kalarel, Borrower of Souls!"

Ok, I lied, I came up with "Borrower of Souls" and wanted a way to put it in here...

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