Friday, July 3, 2009

APSC: Arcane Paladin Problem

I began working on the arcane paladin for the APSC project, and I kinda ran into a problem. Several of the paladin's powers are radiant typed, and there are a few ways that I could handle it to make it fit the arcane power source.

I could simply fluff if so that they originated from the Divine paladins and were able to channel arcane power into radiant attacks. But that seemed like a bit of a cop out. I searched on.

I could give the choice of what damage type to replace all of the radiant attacks with, but that may give too much flexibility or would give some options for feats or just to give your character an elemental theme or focus.

Or I could go through each and every power and meticulously pick an element and add fluff for every single power. Um... That's a bit much for my tastes.

There are probably more options that I am missing, which is why I am writing a post about it. That and that I had nothing else prepared. So, any ideas? Like one of the options I have above? Think my attempt at the APSC project is a joke? Leave a comment.


Swordgleam said...

Why not pick a specific damage type to replace it with? Fire would probably work best, in terms of fluff similarity and crunch balance.

SoupViking said...

One option (the lesser of my ideas) would be to create a new damage type. This could work in a specific campaign setting, but not as well in every setting.

A second option is to leave the damage untyped. I took a look at the sorcerer for inspiration, but the damage types seemed to specific to be labeled as a magic damage. Since we do see un-typed damage in the game in different places, why not make that on of this class's features.

MacGuffin said...

@soupviking I want to keep it having some damage type, for fear that removing it would make it less powerful than the divine paladin.

As it is, I'm thinking of associating the damage types with a certain weapon or weapon type as an implement. More on that later.