Monday, January 11, 2010

Races of Avion, Take Two, Part 1

After taking a break from my avion project, I realized that I didn't like how it had been developing. I scrapped some of it, though I may go back to it, even I don't know. I have come up with some different ideas, and I felt like writing them down here.

I scrapped the planar collision idea, though I still like the idea, I'm not currently using it for Avion. After reading a few chapters of a Dark Sun novel, I started liking the idea that there was a lot of small (in population, not size) races striving to make a place for themselves, and only by gaining some adaptation of note can they continue to survive.

Elves, for example have their natural grace, and quick mind, not to mdention that they very well might have been the first race. (But, they would never admit that.) Being a very old race, they have done what seems to be a common trend in my current ideas, their race splits into multiple sub-races. After an event (large war?), several of these sub-races merged so that there are four distinct elf races.

Wood elves (elves) decided that they would rather life amongst the plants, they split further depending on where they lived (jungle, forest, treetop, deep forrest, and possibly even desert).

High elves (Eladrin) believed they were above living in the forests and focused more on magic. They split into separate groups depending on their beliefs, but came together in time of need.

Dark elves (drow) were early High elves that believed in destroying the lesser races before they could get a foothold. Some repented and became the 'Risen elves', eventually joining back with the high elves. Those who remained became twisted and dark versions of their High elf brothers, and were driven underground to escape their destruction at the hand of their brothers.

Orik (Orcs) are wood elves that lived in the magic rich jungles in the southern part of their continent. The magic gave them plant-like properties, made them stronger and green skinned (as well as the ability to absorb some nutrients from the sun). They are able to reproduce with humans or other elves, creating half-orik (half-orcs).

Half-Elves also exist, and partially due to laziness, they are the same no matter what race of elves they are descended from.

Also, surface dwarves are evil.

What do you think of this idea? Please leave a comment!


Mike(aka kaeosdad) said...

Plant elves = orcs? I like it.

MacGuffin said...

Glad you do!

Something that I forgot to mention was the connection with PHB3's wilden race, perhaps later...

Some of the less awesome races have been incorporated into other races as well, goliaths are going to be a rare dwarf phenomenon.

Erik Billeci said...

What about some bastardization between Elves and Dwarves? Otherwise, good stuff.

MacGuffin said...


Well, I Would think that half-elves would be the result of human's adaptability. Half-orcs, the same or, if half-elf/half-orc, due to their background mentioned above.

I suppose that Half-dwarves (human/dwarf) are possible, though their back story may have it be an unlikely occurrence.