Wednesday, August 19, 2009

World Building: Wizard Swears

Ack! Its been a long time since I posted! But I have the perfect topic for it:

Unique swear words, insults, and exclamations!



Merlin's beard!

By the egg!

Cotton-headed ninny-muggins!

A good way to add detail to a world is to give it its own swears, insults and exclamations! Good terms include slang and silly words, as well as religious, historical, and cultural references.

Some examples include:
[person of significance]'s [something belonging to person, usually of note]
God's Thumbs!

[any silly sounding word]
Holy Shnikies!

[a curse word in another language]

[something considered disgusting or uncouth]
Dragon droppings!

[something of some importance, religious, cultural, etc.]

The sky is the limit.

Of course, the best purpose of making up swear words is to be have your characters swear without offending anyone, a good trick for a writer.

What do you think of this idea? Post a comment!

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