Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Glorious Comeback! and NaNoWriMo!


I have not posted since august...

And now its November...

Time for NaNoWriMo!!

Ok, I'm not really going to write a novel, not in a month anyway. Though I will try to work on one. And I'm going to give you a taste of it right here!

An Untitled Novel (ver. 0.000000000004)

Ebberhard wished he had a better form of transportation. His legs were hurting, but he refused to believe it was because he was getting old.

“Pick up the pace, Eb. Are you getting old or something?” Jonoa said, snapping him out of his thoughts. “I'm not getting old, I've just been walking a very long time.” he replied, trying to convince himself as much as the ghost. “and if you had legs, Mr. incorporeal, you would be tired and in pain as well.”

The “Mr.” was Ebberhard's best guest, as ever when taking energy from from Ebberhard to create a humanoid form, Jonoa's spirit was difficult to tell the sex of. It was a common trait among elves to have gender neutral spirits, and this one that had been bound to him since his childhood was no different.

“Well,” Jenoa started, in that tone of voice that let Ebberhard know that Jenoa was about to talk about it's race, “If I still had my elf body, I still wouldn't be getting old for quite a while...” “Well,” Ebberhard started back, mimicking Jenoa's tone, “Perhaps that was one of my parents aims in their experiment, when they bound you to my body. And sometimes I wish they hadn't given me my magic senses so that I didn't have to hear you talk about the elves all the time.”

“Oh, Eb...” The ghost sighed, “You know I don't like when you talk about them. How can you after all the experiments they did on you?”

“That was a long time ago,” Ebberhard scowled, “And you know as well as I that they have paid for their crimes. For all we know they may still be paying for it. The judiciary system is tough on people that do illegal experiments, especially those that experiment on children.

“Uggh, that is so like you...” Jenoa said, clearly irritated, “We've been on this road for so long, are we there yet?”

“yes, actually, we are almost to the address.” he replied, with a tint of smugness.
Jenoa was suddenly in a much better mood, “Oh! I wonder what sort of house feisty ol' Lil has?” They walked up to a plain looking house which surprised Jenoa, causing her to blurt out, “I thought it'd be more extravagant!”

“People don't always do what you expect. Now shush, I have living people to talk to.”

Ebberhard walked up to the house and knocked on the door, admiring the runes on the door. He recognized them as Kleptic, the thieves script. It went into great detail describing what would happen to any thief foolish enough to attempt to attempt to steal from them. He was reading what would happen on the third day after the thief had been caught when the door opened. A buxom, female elf opened the door and examined Ebberhard's face for a moment before excitedly leaping at him.

“Ebby!” The hugging elf cried, “Its been so long! Where have you been? What have you been up to?” She paused for half a second, squinting at the area around Ebberhard. “Is Jenoa still there? Hows she doing?”

“She's fine.” Ebberhard said, reluctantly returning the hug, “She was just saying how much more extravagant she expected your house to be” He ignored the dirty look and words of protest from jenoa. “But she is glad to see you are doing well, Liliana, as am I”

Lilena moved back towards her home, grabbing Ebberhard by the hand, “Well, what are we doing standing out here? Come in! Come in! Sorry its such a mess! I had no idea you were coming!”

“Oh, Compared to my study, I'm sure it is immaculate” Ebberhard replied.

“Oh, Ebby, compared to your study, my outhouse is immaculate...”

Jenoa stifled a laugh, “Oh, her outhouse probably is immaculate!”

They entered the house to find that it was filled from ceiling to floor with various artifacts, “Well, there is the extravagance you were looking for, Jenoa... Hmm... And what is this?” Ebberhard said as he picks up a small cylindrical device with a dial and a button on it. “I wondered where my 'Flame of Ethoren' went to...”

Lilena whirled around with a worried look on her face, “Oh, that's yours? I found it in my bags after the last time I went to go visit you, and it looked nice there and I kind of was wondering where it came from...” She trailed off, looking a little sick.

Ebberhard felt Jenoa's hand on his shoulder, a sign that he was supposed to do something nice. He knew Lilena had a problem with stealing things while they had adventured together, which was fitting since she was a thief. She had been telling him how she was doing much better about it now that she was a respectable married woman. Ironically, that had been during her last visit. He also knew that he had to act quickly before she broke down into tears. “Didn't I let you borrow this last time that you visited? Something about a ice creature bothering you or showing off at the neighborhood bonfire?” Both were obviously not true, but he was fairly certain that she would not protest. Jenoa, on the other hand, was squeezing his shoulder, and ghosts can actually squeeze surprisingly hard.

“Oh, that must have been it!” Lilena spouted, relieved, “ Well I'm glad you remembered, those are rare, aren't they?”

“Yes, they are getting that way...” His powers of deception impressed even himself, “Well, as thanks, I have brought you payment for taking care of it.” He smiled inwardly as he reached into his bag. He pulled out an ornate dagger, he knew that she recognized it immediately because she was suddenly right next to him.

“Is that...?” Her eyes opened widely as her hands slowly reached for the dagger

“It is,” He hands her the dagger, “The Dagger of Truth.”

“Its surprising that you are giving it to me, considering that I tried to use it on you when we first met.”

“As I recall, you didn't get the chance.” he smiled as he remembered the time that he and his group had been threatened by Lilena. The poor girl had been so embarrassed when the adventurers had laughed at her, they caught her and used the dagger's truth inducing properties on her. It led to her joining the group, but it was not a pleasant experience for her. He decided to not pursue the topic further. “So, I suppose that I should get down to why I came here...”

Phew! That's quite a bit, isn't it?
I would really appreciate any sort of comments!

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